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Welcome to Infomed Research & Training. At Infomed we are a market leader in medical education. For the last 12 years we have provided courses for Consultants and Doctors in training within a number of different specialities. Please select your speciality from the list below to see the courses that we are providing for you:-

Modern hospital and emergency sign

Emergency Medicine

Courses for Emergency and Acute Physicians. Ultrasound, First Critical Hours, Resus Symposiums…

Radiology technician examens mammography test


MRI Interpretation Courses. MSK Ultrasound Emergency Radiology & Paediatric Radiology Updates…

Surgeon doctor in sterile operating room or operation theater checking data on heart monitor in emergency situation


Updates for the General Anaesthetist, Anaesthesia for the Obese Patient Ultrasound for Intensive Care, Regional Blocks and more….

heart monitor in operating theater

Intensive Care

Ultrasound for Intensive Care. Critical Care ECHO Courses…

Doctor giving checkup to baby in exam room smiling


Annual Practical Paediatic, Paediatric Emergencies, Paediatric Mental Health Courses and others…

3D render of a male head and brain with lightening bolts


Medical Updates, ECG Interpretation, Neurology, Pharmacology…

A motion blurred photograph of a child patient on stretcher or gurney being pushed at speed through a hospital corridor by doctors & nurses to an accident and emergency room

Acute Medicine

Level 1, Thoracic and ECHO Ultrasound, First Critical Hours, Resus Symposiums…

Doctor with a stethoscope in the hands and office background

General Medicine

Level 1 Ultrasound, Thoracic US Courses…

Surgical operation in the ICU


Musculoskeletal Ultrasound introductory course and MRI Interpretation courses…

film x-ray both hand AP : show normal human's hands on black background (isolated)


Musculoskeletal Ultrasound introductory courses…