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Established, 2004 in the UK
CPD accredited, online courses for doctors in all of the major specialties

Live and interactive online CPD courses

Since the pandemic changed our working lives and we invested to make the switch to present our well known and highly evaluated courses online, we haven’t looked back. 

Apart from the savings in course fees, hotels, trains, flights etc, the feedback has just become better and better and we are welcoming new delegates from around the world.

On-demand catch-up

Each course, apart from live access, gives you 60 days of unlimited on-demand catch-up. This is great to see anything you may have missed or for revision.

CPD and certificates

Upon completing the an online course, you will be invited to provide your feedback via a form. Once this is complete, you will automatically be sent a certificate of viewing stating the number of study hours associated to that particular course.

Breast MRI course

King’s Breast MRI Course

Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 December 2023

Fully interactive, online, case-based course on focusing on commonly encounted breast MRI reporting scenarios.
12 RCR approved CPD points and certificate available upon completion of course evaluation

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