UK Advanced MSK MRI Webinar 2021

An intensive and interactive case-based webinar

Featuring short lectures and group interpretation and reporting practice

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Fully interactive webinar

Attendees will be provided with individual, secure access to the cases and advanced image viewing PACS software so that they can go through the cases with the faculty, simultanteously.

12 CPD Points

Attendees will be asked to evaluate each session and will be provided with a CPD certificate upon completion This course provides 12 CPD credits in accordance with the CPD Scheme of the Royal College of Radiologists

Course approved for 1 Credit Point (Category 2) towards the ESSR Diploma

Catch-up with course playback for revison and reflection

We included in your fee, access to the course recordings for up to 7 day with an optional extra to extend this to 31 days.

Demonstration of the case image viewer. You are in control of your own access to the cases!

Course fees

£345 [£295 until 30 September 2020]:
Live access to the two-day course + access to course recordings for 7 days

£395 [£345 until 30 September 2020]:
Live access to the two-day course + access to course recordings for 31 days

Course directors

Dr David Elias

Dr David Elias

Dr David Elias is a Consultant MSK Radiologist who has worked at King’s College Hospital, London, since 2001. He trained in radiology at the Royal London Hospital and then completed a one year fellowship programme in musculoskeletal imaging in Toronto, Canada. His interests include patellofemoral joint imaging (on which he has several peer reviewed publications), hand and wrist imaging and sports injury imaging.

Dr Keshthra Satchi

Dr Keshthra Satchi

Dr Keshthra Satchiis a Consultant Radiologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer at King’s College Hospital, London, with particular interest in musculoskeletal and breast imaging.
She trained at King’s College Hospital and was
initially a consultant radiologist at Imperial College NHS Trust for 10 years before returning to King’s College Hospital. She has published widely and special interest in imaging post arthroplasty hips.

Who should attend

  • General radiologists and senior radiology trainees
  • Sports Medicine Physicians
  • Orthopaedic Surgeons

The course is pitched at a level suitable for consultants and senior STs involved in interpreting and reporting MSK MRI in their clinical practice.

Course highlights

  • Intensive supervised interpretation and reporting practice
  • Short introductory lectures, offering guidance, practical knowledge, what not to miss and how
  • Time and freedom to review cases at your own pace
  • Case review and discussion panel, Q&A, reporting guidance, tips and common errors to avoid, including what different clinicians need and want to know
  • Interactive discussions, trauma and non-trauma cases, what is relevant and significant, take home messages that will change your reporting practice

The content

Six extensive sessions over two days:

  • Shoulder
  • Elbow
  • Hand and Wrist
  • Pelvis and Hip
  • Knee
  • Foot and Ankle

Each session includes:

  • A brief introduction by the session lead.
  • Cases then reviewed by session lead whom will provide:
  • Top tips
  • Pitfalls
  • Interactive questions
  • Take home messages

the aim

To provide the busy, ‘hands-on’ Consultant Radiologist with a practical, stimulating and comprehensive update on interpretation and reporting practice in advanced MSK MRI:

  • practical (case-based learning);
  • stimulating (interactive, challenging cases, immediate feedback)
  • comprehensive (covering a full range of MSK imaging topics)

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, the delegate will have:

  • a comprehensive understanding of good/best advanced MSK MRI interpretation and reporting practice
  • improved MSK MRI interpretation and reporting skills
  • a more in-depth understanding of both routine and complex chronic spine abnormalities;
  • learned tips and tricks to avoid common misses and pick up on subtle abnormalities, particularly in relation to topics that are often inconsistently reported;
  • identified skills and knowledge gaps, if any, relevant to her/his practice, and clear ways by which these can be addressed

Programme [ Faculty members INVITED]

Thursday 14 January 2021

09.30-16.30 (GMT)

09.30 – 10.00


  • Delegates get connected
  • Demonstration of the webinar platform

30 minutes

Tutition on the PACS/case viewing platform

Mr Jack Hodson

  • Platform demonstration
  • Questions regarding platform

40 minutes


30 minutes


60 minutes

Shoulder [...continued]

50 minute


90 minutes


30 minutes


90 minutes

Hand and Wrist



Friday 15 January 2021

09.30-16.30 (GMT)

90 minutes

Pelvis and Hip

30 minutes


110 minutes

Knee [inc. short break]

60 minute


60 minutes

Foot and Ankle

30 minutes


50 minutes

Foot and Ankle [...continued]



Frequently asked questions

NO. Infomed shall provide you, upon registration a link to stream the course within your web browser, or you can download a small application to run it as a separate window on your computer. If you would prefer a mobile device, we shall also include a link download an app from the Play Store/App Store.

YES! It is very much encouraged. There will be Q&A sessions chaired by Infomed. You can type your questions in the ‘chat’ facility and they will be put to the speakers.

YES! We shall ask for your evaluation of the faculty and organisation. Upon completing this, we shall send you a certificate of attendance by email.

COMMENTS from previous online courses

Some positive things come out of the current COVID crisis
Consultant Intensivist
Good content, short lecture format, remote access, great!
Consultant Anaesthetist
I think the online streaming format really works, it should bring costs down, more environmentally friendly...should be used more often now.
Consultant Anaesthetist
Good of Infomed in developing this on-line teaching format so quickly, I guess this may be the future.
Consultant Anaesthetist
Excellent interactive course with new on line option that worked very well
Consultant Radiologist
Speakers, topics, timekeeping, helpful organiser and content all very good.
Consultant Anaesthetist
Excellent - the streaming service was excellent in audio and video. There was no lag between the delivery and the AV content.
Consultant Radiologist
I must say that I was very impressed, given current Coronavirus issues, at late notice sorted out online streaming of the conference that worked well. The organisers showed a good understanding of the situation. Well delivered and well done Infomed.
Consultant Radiologist
Great day, did well above expectation given the existing Covid-19 pandemic and the unexpected online streaming
Consultant Radiologist

COMMENTS from the previous mental health WEBINAR SERIES in April 2020

Below is just 10% of all the feedback received!

  • Very informative; concise/bullet points presentation and good time keeping
  • Concise , time keeping aspect and introduction and delivery of questions by the facilitator
  • Varied nature of topics, excellent speakers ,good timekeeping
  • Wide areas of interest; good presentation and audience interaction.
  • Important topics; wide coverage pertaining to day to day practice - very practically focused : essentials covered
  • Good to have knowledgeable presenters who were up to date with most recent COVID studies
  • 1) range of topics 2) expertise and quality of the speakers
  • I could attend it from my home; every one has similar questions as me; the information is very little and we are dealing with unknown
  • 1. Excellence. 2. Enthusiasm. 3 Relevance during this restricted time.
  • I could attend from home, hearing specialists speak, it was free!!!
  • Range and expertise of the speakers. Well organised. Very well thought out with respect to what is needed at this time.
  • I really enjoyed the panelists taking questions; I really enjoyed how smoothly the webinar has been run; all the panellists gave valuable information
  • All presentations clinically relevant. High standard of information
  • Good mix of quality information in a short time frame.
  • Time keeping , facilitation and organisation as a whole
  • I have already recommended this course to many colleagues.
  • Good impact . Will help me to think more and act more proactively if by any means I come across a patient with COVID-19 . Good applications in order areas of practice as well.