09.15 – 09.25

Guidance on Webex meeting and PACS software

Jack Hodson

Jack Hodson

Online and IT Services Manager, Infomed Online

09.25 - 09.30

Introduction to the course

BSUR Committee Members

09.30 – 10.45

Urogynae imaging for on call

Dr Rebecca Wiles

Consultant Radiologist, Royal Liverpool University Hospital

Dr Priya Healey

Consultant Radiologist at Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital NHS Trust

10.45 – 11.00


11.00 – 12.00

MRI for urological malignancy

Dr Maryna Brochwicz-Lewinski

Consultant Radiologist at Stockport Hospital NHS Foundation Trust,

Dr Andrew Counsell

Consultant Radiologist at Stockport Hospital NHS Foundation Trust,

12.00 – 12.10


12.10 - 13.10

MRI for gynae malignancy

Dr Faye Cuthbert

Dr Faye Cuthbert

Consultant Radiologist (Urology and Gynaecology), University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Nishat Bharwani

Dr Nishat Bharwani

Consultant Radiologist, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

13.10 - 14.00


14.00 - 15.00

Nonvascular intervention in uroradiology

Dr Raj Das

Consultant Radiologist, St George’s Hospital, London

15.00 – 15.10


15.10 - 16.10

Post op imaging

Dr Yousef Alwan

Consultant. Radiologist, Manchester Royal Infirmary

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