About this course

This webinar comprises online interactive lectures and interactive discussions led by Cardiologists who are very familiar with the questions asked by the Psychiatrists regarding cardiology and in particular ECGs.
This webinar provides an update on how to read ECGs –the basics and beyond – with a focus on ECG abnormalities that are highly relevant to the practice of the General Psychiatrist.  During the day, delegates will have the opportunity to undertake interactive ECG interpretation, putting into practice the techniques learned in the lectures, with live tutors’ feedback.

The aim

To provide all Adult/General Psychiatrists with a practical and comprehensive webinar covering a wide range of ECGs that will assist them in developing a skilled and systematic approach to interpreting an ECG, identifying the red flags and to decide when to refer further to a specialist.

Sessions with lectures and cases will cover

Interactive ECG Discussion

Cases may include: Prolonged QT Interval; Sinus tachycardia; Atrial fibrillation; ST elevation and myocardial infarction; AV block; and Ectopics

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