Feedback from the previous run of this event

Coverage and Achievement
  • Overall, excellent day, thank you! Wish I’d booked on sooner!
  • Useful
  • Good
  • Great course
  • outstanding material of lectures
  • Excellent
  • An excellent course, clearly presented with engaging and knowledgeable speakers.
  • Excellent course I would recommend to colleagues
  • Met my objectives.
  • Met objectives and more!
  • It was well tailored to the needs of psychiatrists
What three things did you like most about the course?
  • the straight answers
  • Targeted teaching (direct relevance to psych), (2) Recap/refresher on the basics, (3) Excellent speakers.
  • focussed on practice, useful, concise
  • Interactive ECG sessions, speakers being very responsive to questions
  • Relevant, pitched at the right level, clear
  • Practical, good time management, interactive
  • Pitch if the content with good early refresher sessions on basic ECG interpretation; interactive sessions; Slido was especially useful tool
  • these courses are outstanding .Thank you.
  • Informative, useful, great to do it remotely in the comfort of my own home.
  • Engaging speakers, interactive cases, well timed.
  • clear teaching on ecg readings with lots of examples. The last talk which tied in the most important things for my practice
  • Pitched right; informative; interactive.
  • The hands on experience All of the content & recourses The fact that i can go back and watch it
  • Understandable, covered wide topics, great speakers
  • On-line, presenters, content
  • The basic recap at the beginning and then the clarity of how we were looking at what we see when things go wrong in different places
  • Well organized, interesting content, good ECG examples
  • Covered basics to good depth. Set at right level/complexity for me. Covered most likely/common scenarios but also what the most concerning signs would be.
What impact will this event have on your future practice and professional development?
  • Helpful for day to day clinical practice
  • Feel more up to date and confident.
  • Better ECG interpretation
  • Having a clearer idea when to refer and what would be normal variation,
  • Will improve patient care
  • I regularly have to review ECGs and this has given me more confidence
  • More confidence looking at ECGs; knowing when to refer to cardiology colleagues; improved psychotropic prescribing practice
  • i will be able to guide and teach my junior doctors.
  • I will be more confident with reading ECGs. I will request echos on my Clozapine patients who are persistently tachycardic.
  • More confidence in ECG interpretation and skills I will put into practice.
  • more confidence reading and responding to ECG’s which are done annually for all my patients
  • Already thinking of adapting some of my practice.
  • I feel more confident about knowing when to refer patients to cardiology; more confident in managing clozapine-induced tachycardia.
  • I feel more confident at interpreting ECGS
  • I am feeling a lot more confident reading ECGs
  • It will be helpful to have a good logical approach to making my own interpretations
  • Improving my clinical skill in ECG interpretation

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