Comments from the previous runs of this event

Delegates from this course in June 2023

Fantastic course, a broad coverage, content and a good variety of cases.

Excellent speakers on very relevant topics

A good variety of cases, very good presenters, interactive deliveries, quizzes and good learning points

PACS brilliant, scrolling rapidly and tools easy to use.

WebEx, no issues for me, it did work really and very efficiently- perfect

It was so good to be able to scroll real time and dot it on line and  form home!

I liked the way this webinar was conducted, the Infomed organisation, the content and commitment of the speakers are amazing.

I enjoyed the topics, cases and tips, excellent speakers , questions answered promptly

This course provided a good number of educational cases, clear presentation, an easily accessed case load, all delivered by expert speakers.

This was very good, the ease of doing the course, interactive, from home and online catch up available, no expensive travel to London!

I have been given more confidence when reporting on call cases, I will look for more abnormalities and tie up all together.

Very useful in day to day reporting and hopefully can sharpen skills on night calls

Brilliant webinar, the chest session, neuroradiology, MSK, paediatric neuro, solid organs, all excellent interactive content, and being able to do from home…and believe me, I was doing the hoovering in the breaks!!

This will result in a phenomenal change in my approach toward my reporting it will have great impact in y future practice

I will definitely feel more confident with neuro, and paeds

Sure, I’ll feel more comfortable with uncommon pathology when on-call.

Great for refreshing for on call and emergency hub sessions. I have also got some topics that I now need to revisit.

Delegates from this course in June 2022

I do on calls and no doubts this course will greatly help me in future, I will apply what I learnt on my reporting and also teaching junior colleagues

Great course. Will definitely recommend to others. The speakers are great, and great PostDICOM, WebEx and Slido, a good set of tools for the course

Useful topics. I really liked being able to access the cases before and during the lectures. I really enjoyed the case based approach to teaching.

Good coverage of basic on call knowledge, very well organised and slick, plus Infomed support very good and always available

Technology excellent, very easy to use and access, great interface for this type of course, no issues whatsoever

It is good being on line (and at home), very good content and good interaction, access to cases to view at own pace and after webinars – all very good to me!

The excellent tips, I will use daily and I feel better prepared to deal with on calls now.

Very good refresher for on-call duties, increased my confidence, a wider breadth of knowledge, very helpful to have seen rarer cases that I might come across to when on call

Very good – no issues, and Infomed support very good and always available

I must say that we had very good content, friendly people, concise and good Infomed support when needed

Excellent cases presented, good mix of pathology, speakers clear and receptive to questions and interaction.

Excellent course – although some talks could a bit more focussed to on-call type of work.

Good coverage of on call cases ,variety of scans, excellent learning points, helpful lecturers and online.

The sessions were well organised and content on PACS was easy to navigate, good interaction and ability of polls.

Ease of attending from home, no travel, no hotel, online interactive cases and talks, slick software, excellent speakers.

Extremely useful course, I will recommend it. Really good idea to connect cases to teaching, it makes learning much more interesting.

Very good case mix, friendly presenters, key points in each case

Delegates from this course in June 2021

Excellent faculty that provided very informative lectures with great cases for live discussion

Good to be able to view/scroll through images myself, alongside the speaker highlighting the salient findings

Good to learn new things about areas outside of my specialist interest. Right level of interactivity with chat. Questions were answered in real-time – all very good

I was pleased that there was almost no overlap between speakers in terms of learning points – which makes the most of the time. Nice and friendly faculty, and all willing to take questions – thank you

Excellent speakers who each brought a different teaching style but equally effective. Good coverage of topics. Very good (and calm!) technical support from Jack at Infomed

The course provided useful tips and will give me greater confidence in tackling emergency cases that are outside of my specialist interest

Really good course. Informative and huge amount covered, good cases presented, and I gained knowledge

I did enjoy the cases presented and the way it was carried out. The collective minds application which was I was not aware of and to was great to use

Extremely useful course, I will recommend it. Really good idea to connect cases to teaching, it makes learning much more interesting

There were no streaming problems and Infomed support was excellent.

Increased my knowledge and learned tips on who to report certain types of cases

Really a great refreshment plus really good tips for general practise

I gained more confidence in on call cases outside of my subspecialty, when reporting my on-call cases, I will aim at a more structured approach to reporting

I have made notes on take home points and tips and I will use them!

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