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Paediatric Radiology 2023
Day Two: Emergency Paediatric Imaging

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60 minutes

Plain film and what not to miss

Dr Caren Landes

Dr Caren Landes

Consultant Paediatric Radiologist and Service Group Lead for Radiology, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool

60 minutes

MR Emergencies - Body and Spine

Dr Saira Haque

Consultant Paediatric Radiologist, King's College Hospital, London

60 minutes

Fluoroscopy Emergencies

Dr Dave Garbera

Consultant Paediatric Radiologist, Alder Hey Children's Hospital, Liverpool

60 minutes

CT Emergencies

Dr Samantha Low

Consultant in Paediatric Radiology, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

60 minutes

Ultrasound Emergencies

Dr Vivian Tang

Consultant Paediatric Radiologist at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Manchester, Greater Manchester, UK

45 minutes

Quiz and Case Mix

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Using the short videos below, we shall guide you through the process of opening the PACS and then on to opening, manipulating, and closing a case. You are welcome to access our demo case set below
View demo cases here Password: INFOMED

Accessing the database and cases on PACS​

Advanced features of PACS​

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