Anaesthesia and the Obese Patient

A Webinar for the General Anaesthetist

Thursday 28 January 2021 (Day 1 AM)
Thursday 4 February 2021 (Day 2 PM)

Postponement and new date for the Anaesthesia and the Obese Patient 2021 Webinar

Due to the rapidly evolving COVID situation, during the Xmas break and today, we are being contacted by a number of subscribing delegates, and key faculty members, advising us that their study leave, and, in many cases annual leave, has been cancelled or it will be soon cancelled by clinical directors and trusts. We fully understand the need to do this during these challenging times. Bearing in mind the above, we have had to reschedule this webinar due to take place in late January and early February for Thursday 13 May 2021 when we expect the situation will far more settled. It is our intention to provide you with a quality event rather than what could be a sub-par event with hastily recruited new last-minute faculty.

Who should attend

This webinar is aimed/putched at a level suitable for the Consultant General Anaesthetist


Frequently asked questions

NO. Infomed shall provide you, upon registration a link to stream the course within your web browser, or you can download a small application to run it as a separate window on your computer. If you would prefer a mobile device, we shall also include a link download an app from the Play Store/App Store.

YES! It is very much encouraged. There will be Q&A sessions chaired by Infomed. You can type your questions in the ‘chat’ facility and they will be put to the speakers.

YES! We shall ask for your evaluation of the faculty and organisation. Upon completing this, we shall send you a certificate of attendance by email.

COMMENTS from previous online courses

Some positive things come out of the current COVID crisis
Consultant Intensivist
Good content, short lecture format, remote access, great!
Consultant Anaesthetist
I think the online streaming format really works, it should bring costs down, more environmentally friendly...should be used more often now.
Consultant Anaesthetist
Good of Infomed in developing this on-line teaching format so quickly, I guess this may be the future.
Consultant Anaesthetist
Excellent interactive course with new on line option that worked very well
Consultant Radiologist
Speakers, topics, timekeeping, helpful organiser and content all very good.
Consultant Anaesthetist
Excellent - the streaming service was excellent in audio and video. There was no lag between the delivery and the AV content.
Consultant Radiologist
I must say that I was very impressed, given current Coronavirus issues, at late notice sorted out online streaming of the conference that worked well. The organisers showed a good understanding of the situation. Well delivered and well done Infomed.
Consultant Radiologist
Great day, did well above expectation given the existing Covid-19 pandemic and the unexpected online streaming
Consultant Radiologist
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